About me as a portraitist:

I am passionate about portraits since I was a child, I remember that my father was my first drawing teacher; He taught me to draw from a very young age: he always told me "daughter draws watching from the natural, taking good care of the details without tracing the drawings". I still remember the expressions of admiration of my parents, jejeje !!, when he drew them from the natural without being noticed, and they were surprised because they already caught the real resemblance of the face, and was only 8 years old ... I have always tried to capture the human essence (the "soul") through the gaze. I think in the eyes of each of us there is something special, sincere, that makes us unique, "the eyes are the window of the soul" ... Every time I paint a portrait is a new challenge for me, a new experience! !! .. From where my memory reaches always since girl painted faces and human figure. I was often chosen by my primary teachers to draw the illustrious characters. After completing my secondary studies I entered the School of Plastic Arts "Arturo Michelena". I was blessed to have very good teachers, years later I understood how much they came to us, and almost everything I now know and apply today comes from them.

After several years I graduated as Senior Technical Technician in Graphic Design.

I work in the portrait as a full time professional but trying to maintain a standard and level of excellence and authenticity in the work I do.

Always fascinated by nature and art, I chose the medium of painting to translate my vision, such as how to express the transparency of a look, the softness of a skin, the firmness of an attitude, the experience in a greater face , The freshness of a smile, the depth of an eye, a dream, etc .... Colors, lines and shapes, planes and chiaroscuro, with their values ​​of light and shadow, are all resources with their own dimensions , Languages ​​and messages. Everything works in harmony like an orchestra. Hence, the path of art and the artist_ is also a contact with that great work of art which is the creation of the universe, with its unity and infinite diversity that is observed everywhere. Behind that wonderful work of art, which is creation, you see a great Universal Creator, that HUGE ARTIST who, in addition to his ingenuity and inventiveness and the loving kindness with which he did and does things, allows us to enjoy so much beauty, to imitate And learn from it and continue working with those values.

We, works of his hands !, his maximum creation !! .....

I currently reside in the United States in the City of South Carolina.

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